From the Cubillas River to the Darro River (1909)

The family’s move to Granada in 1909 did not interrupt the relationship of Federico García Lorca and his brothers with Asquerosa (Disgusting). Every year, when the Corpus Christi festivities ended in Granada, the family emigrated to the Vega where they spent the summer helping with the agricultural work. The seasonal stays were maintained until 1926 when they moved to the Huerta de San Vicente (San Vicente Farmhouse) in Granada, acquired a year earlier.

During his first stay in the capital, Federico became imbued with the landscapes of Granada with which he later composed part of his youthful writings.

The Lorca’s first family home in Granada was located at the current Acera del Darro, 50. Although the building has undergone numerous transformations, it still retains traces of the original house they lived in until 1916. This was the house where Isabel García Lorca was born and Federico spent part of his adolescence.

Federico García Lorca at 12 years old.
Federico García Lorca at 12 years old. / Photo: FGL Foundation

During those seven years he finished his high school studies at the General Technical Institute, where he took exams and enrolled at the University of Granada. In general, he was a bad student, according to the testimony of his brother Francisco (Federicoand his World).

During those years, as in Almería, he continued his music studies, now with Antonio Segura Mesa, a failed composer who nevertheless stimulated the creative yearnings and had a categorical influence on him. His death in 1916 prompted Lorca to dedicate his first book, Impressions and Landscapes, to him two years later.