Federico García Lorca

Direction: Roberto Otero

García Lorca and Granada

West Germany 1966
Direction: Michael Mrakitsch and Reinhard Baumgart

Granada of García Lorca

Spain 1968
Direction: Jesús Fernández Santos

Granada, Granada my Granada

Soviet Union 1967
Direction: Roman Karmen y Konstantin Simonov

Pictures of FGL in Africa

Direction: Emilio Parrés

Pictures of FGL in Montevideo

Direction: Enrique Amorim

Pictures of FGL with La Barraca

Direction: Gonzalo Menéndez Pidal

To Federico García Lorca

Ediciones Antifascistas
Spain 1937
Direction: Justo Labal

Zorongo. Recalling García Lorca

Spain 1969
Direction: Eugenio Peña


Farse cart

Spain 1976
Direction: Francisco Montoliu

Federico García Lorca: death in Granada

Sveriges Television, Sweden
Direction: Humberto López y Guerra

García Lorca and Flamenco

Spain 1973
Direction: Mario Gómez

García Lorca, 80 years old

Spain 1978
Direction: Informe Semanal

Lorca and La Barraca

Mino Films
Spain 1977
Direction: Miguel Alcobendas

Spain needs to be aware

Isla Film
Spain 1977
Direction: Eduardo Manzanos

The ravine at viznar

Mino Films
Spain 1976
Direction: José A. Zorrilla


4 days. Chronicles of a Trip. Lorca in Africa

Spain 2010
Direction: Miguel Caballero

But let everyone know that I am not dead

Jezebel Produtions
Spain 2017
Direction: Andrea Weiss

Eternal Masks of the Immemorial Farse: Lorca’s Theater

TVE, Informe Semanal
Spain 1986


Alemania 1986
Direction: Nina Fisher

Federico García Lorca. Family portrait

TVE, Sunseda United Media. ARTE, Lynx Productions
Spain 1998
Direction: John J. Healy

FGL. Federico Celebrates his One Hundredth Birthday

Video planing, Dmvb Films (París)
Spain 1998
Direction: Magali Negroni

Journey to the City Without Sleep. 80 Years of a Landscape, 70 Years of a Book.

Patronato Cultural Federico García Lorca
Spain 2010
Direction: Francisco Sotomayor

Journey to the Moon

Canal Sur, Ovideo TV. Frederic Amat and Comunidad de Herederos Federico García Lorca
Spain 1998
Direction: Frederic Amat

La Barraca. Lorca on the roads of Spain

Spain 1994
Direction: Edgardo Cozarinsky

La Barraca. theater of the road; I will be earth and flowers; the poet and his world; the crime was in Granada, and when dream meets reality

Spain 1998
Direction: María Luisa Chamorro and Jesús Vigorra

Large Moon, a Tango by García Lorca

Producciones Cibeles
Spain 2017
Direction: Juan José Ponce

Lorca and the people of Víznar

Costa Rica 2004
Direction: Hilda Hidalgo

Lorca in New York, Lorca and Havana and Lorca in Río de la Plata.

Canal Plus, Pilar Pérez Solano, Magaly González and Javier del Pino
Spain 1998
Direction: Manuel Palacios, Juan Carlos Tabio and Eduardo Mignona

Lorca was Everyone

Spain 2008
Direction: Pepe Rubianes

Lorca x 111. A Birthday Gift

Patronato Cultural Federico García Lorca
Spain 2010

Lorca, Memory of a Poet

TVE-2, Documentos TV
Spain 1986
Direction: Juan Caño Arecha

Lorca, the sea stops moving

Ircania Producciones, Operadores Habituales and Fama Films
Spain 2006
Direction: Emilio R. Barrachina

Lorca: So let a hundred years pass

Canal Plus
Spain 1998
Direction: José Luis López-Linares y Javier Rioyo

Moon of New York

Producciones Cibeles
Spain 2015
Direction: Juan José Ponce

Penón’s Suitcase

Spain 2009
Direction: Manuel Sánchez Pereira

Pilar López: Lorca caressed her dance

Spain 2003
Direction: José Luis López Enamorado

Special landscapes for an Andalusian poet

Centro Andaluz de Danza
Spain 2000
Direction: Pilar Távora

The Generation of 27, its origins and protagonists

Diputación de Málaga and Centro Cultural Generación del 27
Spain 2000
Direction: Antonio Martín Oñate

The Nightingale and the night – Chavela Vargas sings to Lorca

coproduction Mexico-Spain-Colombia; 4 Direcciones / Apapacho Films / Canal 22 Televisión Metropolitana / Mago Productions / Monkey Head Films / Señal Colombia
Spain-Mexico 2015
Direction: Rubén Rojo Aura

Valderrubio in Lorca. Audiovisual Show

Transversal. Arte y Estrategia for the City of Valderrubio
Spain 2010
Direction: Francisco L. Rivera


Blood Wedding

Industrial Film Company Argentina
Argentina 1938
Direction: Edmundo Guibourg


Bengt Lagerkvist
Sweden 1960
Direction: Bengt Lagerkvist

The house of Bernarda Alba

Süddesustcher Rundfunk
West Germany 1957
Direction: Franz Peter Wirth

The House of Bernarda Alba

ABC Weekend Television
United Kingdom 1958
Direction: Dirección Ted Kotcheff

The House of Bernarda Alba

United Kingdom, 1960
Direction: Robert Troson


Bernarda Alba

West Germany 1965
Direction: Oswald Döpke

Froken Rosita

Norway 1969
Direction: Per Bronken

Mariana Pineda

Deutscher Fernsehfunk
East Germany 1963
Direction: Wolf-Dieter Panse

Mariana Pineda

Saaarländischer Rundfunk
West Germany 1965
Direction: Wilm Ten Haaf

Nozze di sangue

Italy 1963
Direction: Vittorio Cottafavi

The goring and the death

Cinecorto SA
Spain 1963
Direction: José Luis Gonzalvo

The love of Don Perlimplín and Belisa in the garden

Poland 1963
Direction: Aleksander Bardini

The shoemaker’s prodigious wife

Poland 1970
Direction: Maryna Broniewska


Suomen Teelvisio
Brazil 1962
Direction: Seppo Wallin


Cuba 1964
Direction: Amaury Pérez García y Mirta Muñiz


Holland 1966
Direction: Jan Rètel


An unknown God

Elías Querejeta
Spain 1978
Direction: Jaime Camino


Spain 1986
Direction: Manuel Huerga

Blood wedding

Emiliano Piedra
Spain 1981
Direction: Carlos Saura

Blood wedding

Spain 1986
Direction: José Luis Gómez

Blood wedding

Spain 1986
Direction: Francisco Montolio

Lorca, the death of a poet

Acción Films, Unincia SA for TVE
Spain 1986-1987
Direction: Juan Antonio Bardem

Lullaby of thorns

Carlos Jorge Fraga
Spain 1984
Direction: Pilar Távora

Mariana Pineda

Spain 1983
Direction: Estudio 1

Mariana Pineda Process

Spain 1984
Direction: Rafael Moreno Alba

Poet in New York. Tribute to FGL

Spain 1985
Direction: Miguel Narros


Esteban Gallego
Spain 1985
Direction: María del Carmen Gómez

The house of Bernarda Alba

Mexico 1974
Direction: Julio Castillo

The house of Bernarda Alba

Mexico 1980
Direction: Gustavo Alatriste

The house of Bernarda Alba

Paraíso Film and TVE
Spain 1987
Direction: Mario Camus

The open veranda

Tibidabo Film and TVE
Direction: Jaime Camino

The Spirit of Lorca

United Kingdom 1989
Direction: Michael Dibb

Tribute to Lorca. popular songs

Spain 1985
Direction: José María Quero


Radiotelevisione Italiana
Italy 1978
Direction: Marco Ferreri


Spain 1985
Direction: Miguel Narros and José María Quero


A long time will pass before being born

Tino Calabuig and Ministry of Education of the Community of Madrid
Spain 1998
Direction: Tino Calabuig

Alba’s daughters

Spain 1990
Direction: Romualdo Molina


Films 59
Spain 2009
Direction: Pere Portabella

Death in Granada

Antena 3, Canal Plus, Enrique Cerezo Producciones
Spain, France, United States, Puerto Rico 1996
Direction: Marco Zurinaga

Lorca, Santiago and six Galician poems

Infinity Films Sierra Madre. CTV
Spain 1999
Direction: Alber Ponte


Telecinco Cinema
Spain 2016
Direction: José Sánchez Montes and Gervasio Iglesias

The bride

Get In The Picture Productions-Cine Chromatix
Spain 2015
Direction: Paula Ortiz

The garden of poets

Canal Sur
Spain 1995
Direction: Basilio Martín Patino

The House of Bernarda Alba

Instituto Cubano del Arte e industrias Cinematográficas
Cuba 1999
Direction: Belkis Vega

The prodigious light

Azalea Producciones, Canal 9, Canal Sur, Vía Digital and others
Spain, Italy 2003
Direction: Miguel Hermoso

The shoemaker’s prodigious wife

Spain 1995
Direction: Pedro Amalio López and Luis Olmos


Distinto Films / Televisió de Catalunya (TV3) / Televisión de Galicia (TVG) / Tito Clint Movies / Zenit TV / Canal Sur Televisión
Spain 2015
Direction: Silvia Quer


Artimagen Producciones and TVE
Spain 1998
Direction: Pilar Távora

[Eclipse (Journey to the Moon]

Spain 1997
Direction: Javier Martín Domínguez