It is one of Lorca’s farces, for people not puppets. It is considered one of his “experimental” or innovative pieces. It is a “chamber version” because later the author planned to develop the theme with all the complexity he perceived. In an interview that the author gives to Juan González Olmedilla, for El Heraldo de Madrid newspaper, one day before its premiere, on April 4, 1933, he speaks of the work for minorities as follows: “This ‘aleluya erótica’ (‘Erotic Alleluia’) is a tremendous work, which amuses me a lot. It is a theater of human monkeys, which begins in mockery and ends in tragedy. The hero, or anti-hero, who is made a cuckold, is Spanish and Calderonian; but he does not want to react Calderonianly, and hence his struggle, the grotesque tragedy of his case. I don’t know how a “chamber” public will receive my work; but I had a lot of fun when I was writing it and it makes me happy every time I read it or see it in a rehearsal.”