Two of the speeches, In Fuente Vaqueros and Speech to the people of Fuente Vaqueros, are given in his home town. The first in 1929, to celebrate a banquet in tribute to the poet and the second in September 1931, at the village fairs, to inaugurate the library and the street where he was born with his name.

Federico was born on June 5, 1898 in Fuente Vaqueros. On May 19, 1929, at the banquet offered to Lorca by the town, among those present were his father, his sister Concha and her boyfriend, Manuel Fernández-Montesinos, the mayor and other authorities, the neighbors, his relatives, some from abroad, Fernando de los Ríos, Constantino Ruiz Carnero, several friends of gallo and El Rinconcillo. Fernando de los Ríos was also to be named adopted son of Fuente Vaqueros on April 25, 1931.