The speech Mariana Pineda in Granada was given on May 5, 1929 at the Hotel Alhambra Palace in Granada, on the occasion of a tribute made by the city to Margarita Xirgu and Federico García Lorca. On April 29, 1929, Margarita Xirgu premiered this work in Granada, in the Cervantes Theater (in the Mariana Pineda square presided by her statue), shortly before the poet embarked for New York.

The banquet was given by the director of El Defensor de Granada newspaper, Constantino Ruiz Carnero. Among those present were Falla, Fernando de los Ríos, the author’s father… and other personalities sent their support by mail, such as Dalí or Melchor Fernández Almagro. In this speech he speaks of the anxiety he feels on account of his fame in Granada, seeing his face on posters, since what he seeks in his city is the tranquility to write.

Estreno de Mariana Pineda en Granada, mayo 1929
Premiere of Mariana Pineda in Granada, May 1929.