Chacón García, Antonio

antonio chacon_ul

Spanish flamenco singer. Of unknown parents, he was given as a newborn to the shoemaker Antonio Chacón Rodríguez and his wife, María García Sánchez, who recognized him as their son.

In 1922, he presided over the famous Flamenco Song Contest in Granada, organized by Lorca and Manuel de Falla.

He stood out as a singer of cartageneras, malagueñas and granaínas. From a very young age he was already performing in cafes and fairs. In 1886, he amazed Enrique El Mellizo with his singing. From then on his prestige and his contracts increased. In 1922, he presided over the famous Flamenco Song Contest in Granada. He alternated his public performances with private meetings. The contest, held on June 13 and 14, 1922 in the Plaza de los Aljibes, was supervised by Manuel de Falla, Federico García Lorca, Antonio Chacón himself, Miguel Cerón, Hermenegildo Lanz and others, and benefitted from the advice of singers such as Manuel Torre, meant the recognition by creators and intellectuals of this genuine expression of the so-called “primitive Andalusian singing”.

He died in Madrid in 1929. His funeral procession was presided over by the Duke of Medinaceli, although the entire working class also mourned his death.


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