It will not be published in the author’s lifetime, although (as happens to him at other times) announced its imminent publication on more than one occasion, along with The Billy-Club Puppets.

There are three apographs of the work: the one Pura Maortua recovered from the censorship, heavily corrected by the poet; a copy of the previous one, with some errors, and a third copy made by Maortua for the Lorca family in the fifties. In addition, there are six fragments of handwritten autographs. The first edition will be that of the complete works published by Losada (Argentina) in 1938, edited by Guillermo de Torre (the second autograph follows). The next one, by Arturo del Hoyo in Aguilar, will be in 1954 (the second autograph follows, but corrects the first one). This edition was gradually increased, as the problems with Franco’s censorship were overcome. In 1968, Margarita Ucelay and Ernersto da Cal, in New York, London, Toronto, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, in a volume dedicated to 20th century Spanish Literature, will publish it again, following Ucelay’s first apograph.