The book was finished in 1934. The University of Granada, through Antonio Gallego Burín, then dean of the Faculty of Letters, offered to publish it. Emilio García Gómez undertook to prepare the collection and the prolog. The book reached the proofreading stage but was never published, possibly because of the Civil War. The manuscript and proofs were rescued by Concha García Lorca and the book was first published in the New York Revista Hispánica Moderna (year VI, issues 3 and 4, July-October 1940), prepared by Francisco García Lorca and Ángel del Río.

Guillermo de Torre had made a partial edition of the book with poems from those published by the author in magazines (Complete Works, Losada, 1938). To follow would be the editions of Arturo del Hoyo (in Aguilar, 1954), Mario Hernández (Alianza, 1981) or Andrew A. Anderson (Espasa-Calpe, 1988).

Some poems remained unpublished during the author’s lifetime, but quite a few were made known in magazines of the time: Quaderns de Poesía (Barcelona), Hero (Madrid), Foret of prose and verse (Madrid), Literary almanaque (Madrid), etc. Even the Casida: The Weeping was published in Gerardo Diego’s Anthology, in 1934.