López Sancho, Antonio

Antonio López Sancho. Self-portrait.

Painter, cartoonist and caricaturist born in the Realejo neighborhood of Granada in 1891 and who died in the same city on July 23, 1959. He belonged to a family dedicated to textile craftsmanship. After training at the School of Fine Arts in Granada in 1915 he went to Madrid with the purpose of making a […]

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Jiménez Pérez, Luis

Luis Jiménez Pérez

Professor, writer, music critic from Granada and official of the Granada City Council, he belonged to the literary circle of Federico García Lorca and Manuel de Falla in the 1920s. Born at the beginning of the century, he was fourteen years old when he was invited to the tertulia in the garden of the Antequeruela […]

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García Carrillo, José María

Federico García Lorca’s close friend since the family moved to Granada from Valderrubio in 1909, member of El Rinconcillo which met at the beginning of the century in the Café Alameda in Granada and whose members included, in addition to the García Lorca brothers, the politician Manuel Fernández-Montesinos, Manuel de Falla, Melchor Fernández Almagro, Antonio […]

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Cerón Rubio, Miguel

. A contemporary and friend of Federico García Lorca, member of the El Rinconcillo tertulia and organizer, along with Manuel de Falla and Lorca himself, of the Deep Song Contest in 1922. He lived in the Granada of the early twentieth century, in the Paseo de la Bomba, near Fernando de los Ríos. A cultured […]

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Soriano Lapresa (or de la Presa), Francisco

Francisco Soriano Lapresa, portrait of Manuel Ángeles Ortiz.

Lawyer, professor of Law and professor of the conservatory of Granada, graduated in Philosophy and Arts, influential member of El Rinconcillo; an exotic character, highly cultured and a “perfect dilettante”, according to Francisco García Lorca; member of the Regionalist League of Cambó, UGT trade unionist and qualified representative of the PSOE in the 10th congress […]

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Santa Cruz y Garcés de Marcilla, Juan José

Juan José Santa Cruz and Garcés de Marcilla

Engineer, politician and writer, member of a family of aristocrats: his father was Baron of Andilla and his mother was a descendant of Diego de Marcilla, one of the Lovers of Teruel. He was shot at the beginning of the Civil War in Granada. He developed the main projects that raised the province to the […]

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Ruiz Carnero, Constantino

Constantino Ruiz Carnero

Journalist, writer, politician (acting mayor of Granada in 1936 for two months). He was a member of El Rinconcillo and one of the founders in February 1926 of the Granada Athenaeum. He is also part of the driving group promoting the magazines gallo and Pavo devised by his friend García Lorca. In 1929, he organized […]

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Pizarro Zambrano, Miguel

Miguel Pizarro Zambrano

Spanish poet, professor and diplomat. Friend of Federico García Lorca and other members of the El Rinconcillo. gathering. He was born in Alájar, Huelva, but when he was very young his family moved to Granada. In this city he studied Philosophy and Letters. He was part of the gathering at the Café Alameda, El Rinconcillo, […]

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Navarro Pardo, José

José Navarro Pardo

Arabist, professor, journalist and Spanish politician. He was mayor of Granada between January 8 and February 20, 1936. He belonged to the El Rinconcillo tertulia at the Café Alameda, where he met Federico García Lorca and other artists of the time. He came from a modest family from Guadahortuna who settled in Granada at the […]

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Mora Guarnido, José

José Mora Guarnido

Spanish writer and journalist. He was one of the founders of the El Rinconcillo at the Café Alameda in Granada. He was a friend of Federico García Lorca and the rest of the members of the tertulia that marked a silver era in the culture of Granada in the twenties. The dictatorship of Primo de […]

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Llanos Medina, Emilia

Emilia Llanos

Friend of Federico García Lorca and other artists and intellectuals of the early twentieth century in Granada. She was linked to El Rinconcillo. She was a woman with a fondness for reading, with intellectual and artistic concerns and interest in antiques. All this, together with her beauty, made her a magnetic and fascinating character. She […]

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Lanz González, Hermenegildo

Hermenegildo Lanz

Spanish drawing teacher, painter, engraver, set designer, puppet maker, designer and photographer. Friend of Federico García Lorca, Manuel de Falla and Manuel Ángeles Ortiz, among other artists from Granada who were regulars at El Rinconcillo.. He was born in Seville, but the work of his father (a cook who rented and managed hotels) took him […]

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Gallego Burín, Antonio

Antonio Gallego Burín. Photo: Ideal

Art historian, university professor, writer and Spanish politician. Best known for having been mayor of Granada after the military uprising of 1936. He was for a time a close friend of Federico García Lorca. He belonged to the El Rinconcillo tertulia of the Café Alameda in the early twentieth century. There he met personalities of […]

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Fernández-Montesinos Lustau, Manuel

Manuel Fernandez-Montesinos. / Photo: FGL Foundation

Spanish doctor and socialist politician, last constitutional mayor of Granada during the 2nd Republic. He was shot by the rebels at the beginning of the Civil War. In the 1920s, he participated in the El Rinconcillo tertulia with his brother José Fernández-Montesinos and Federico García Lorca, among many other artists and intellectuals of Granada at […]

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Fernández Almagro, Melchor

Melchor Fernández Almagro

Spanish literary critic, historian and journalist. He was one of the regulars at the El Rinconcillo tertulia and one of the main confidants of young Lorca, with whom he exchanged an important collection of over 60 letters from all periods of the author’s life. He was a leading figure in the group, an authority on […]

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De Falla Matheu, Manuel

Mauel de Falla at Antequeruela House.

One of the most important Spanish composers of the first half of the 20th century and one of the great innovators of European music at the beginning of the century. Friend and teacher of Federico García Lorca since the musician moved to Granada in 1920. At that time the rapport between the two was “very […]

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Díez-Canedo, Enrique

Enrique Díez-Canedo

Spanish poet, literary critic and translator. Spanish ambassador to Uruguay and Argentina. He was a friend of Federico García Lorca in his Madrid years. Later, as ambassador, they met again in Montevideo, during Lorca’s successful theatrical tour of Uruguay and Argentina with the company of Lola Membrives. As a theatrical critic he published praiseworthy reviews […]

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De los Ríos Urruti, Fernando

A leading figure in Spanish socialist thought, he was a professor of law at the University of Granada and the University of Madrid. As Minister of Education and Minister of Public Instruction, respectively, during the Republic, he wrote essays such as The Humanist Sense of Socialism (1926) and State and Church in 16th Century Spain […]

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Ayala García-Duarte, Francisco

Francisco Ayala. Photo: Francisco Ayala Foundation.

Spanish writer born in Granada who excelled in all literary genres except poetry (he only wrote one poem in his life). He was the author of short stories and novels, essayist, translator and press correspondent. During his long life he worked in Europe and America as a jurist and sociologist. He joined the Royal Academy […]

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Ángeles Ortiz, Manuel

Manuel Ángeles Ortiz

Spanish painter, set designer and ceramist of the Generation of ’27. Although born in Jaén, he had lived in Granada from the age of three and he started to form his aesthetic principles in this city. As a friend of Federico García Lorca, he shared with him and other intellectuals of the time the tertulia […]

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Amigo Aguado, Joaquín

Joaquín Amigo Aguado

He was a member of the El Rinconcillo discussion group and one of the editors of the magazine gallo directed by García Lorca. He was a friend of Federico (who dedicated to him the poem Dos marinos en la orilla, from Canciones) and of other poets who alternated in Granada in the 1920s, such as […]

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