Amigo Aguado, Joaquín


He was a member of the El Rinconcillo discussion group and one of the editors of the magazine gallo directed by García Lorca. He was a friend of Federico (who dedicated to him the poem Dos marinos en la orilla, from Songs) and of other poets who alternated in Granada in the 1920s, such as Luis Rosales (it was through Amigo that Rosales would meet Lorca) or Enrique Gómez Arboleya. Catholic and conservative in ideology, Joaquín Amigo was, however, a disciple and contemporary of the avant-garde and of Ortega y Gasset. After the military uprising, he was arrested on 24 August 1936 in Ronda, where he was assigned as a high school teacher. In the early hours of 27 August of that year, only a week after the death of his friend García Lorca, he was thrown into the Tajo river in the town of Malaga by supporters of the Popular Front.

He was a friend of Federico and other poets who alternated in Granada in the 1920s, such as Luis Rosales and Enrique Gómez Arboleya.

He was at the banquet for the presentation of the magazine gallo, at the Venta Eritaña, and spoke after the inaugural address by Federico García Lorca and other participants, with a speech critical of the 19th century.

His contributions were not numerous. His name appears in issue number 2 of gallo –published in April 1928 – together with an Anti-Artistic Manifesto signed by Salvador Dalí, Sebastià Gasch and Lluís Montanyà. The manifesto was a translation of the Manifest Groc, which had previously appeared in Catalan in March 1928 and which defended the aesthetic assumptions of “anti-art”, the poetics of modernity, machinism, and so on. The main text was accompanied by a note written by Joaquín Amigo who enthusiastically subscribed to these ideas. However, the translation and the note upset some friends, such as Pedro Salinas who wrote from Madrid to Jorge Guillén: “My most recent indignation is caused by the second issue of gallo, with the stupid Catalan manifesto and Amigo’s little article in its defence. Last night I told Federico a string of atrocities about it all. I think I went too far, but holy indignation possessed me”.

Amigo attended the reading, along with other rinconcillistas, Yerma in the Huerta de San Vicente in the summer of 1934.


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