Of all the references made by the author to the city of Granada, this presentation contains one of the most interesting. As described in this text, Granada is a city that “loves the tiny”, “cannot leave its house”, it is solitary and pure, enclosed… He speaks of the inner Granada, of the houses of the Albaicín, a city perfectly defined in Soto de Rojas’ title and which he describes as “the aesthetics of the diminutive, the aesthetics of tiny things”. Granada dreams, it is given to fantasy, but it shuns adventure, action, going outside, it is a contemplative city. The Grenadian has only a few friends and instead of wanting to succeed in the world, he prefers to contemplate what is happening from his window. It is a city full of initiatives, but lacking in action. The Grenadian is not in a hurry, it is a city “of leisure and tranquility” in which there can be “samplers of waters, temperatures and twilights”.