In Doña Rosita there are other characters that emerge from reality and even appear with their own names, such as the Housekeeper, who reflects in her way of speaking and acting one of the maids of the family, Dolores Cuesta, La Colorina. Her way of expressing herself is reminiscent of Asquerosa (Disgusting), she represents natural life as opposed to the world of appearances so important at that time. Professor Martín is based on his teacher at Sagrado Corazón School in Granada, Martín Scheroff; Señor X is Ramón Guixé y Mexía; Professor Consuegra also has his correlate in reality. The characters of the manolas (women in a procession) and “ayolas” were real. The three “manolas”, besides being those of the popular song, were three inseparable girls who lived on the Gomérez slope. Father Ayala also existed, he was really a photographer for His Majesty the King, and the Ponce de León and Pérez de Herrasti families also existed.

According to Francisco García Lorca, The “language of flowers” comes from the illustrated guides on the subject, very popular at the time and which appeared alongside the “language of stamps”, the “language of fans”, etc. “With Doña Rosita the spinster or the language of flowers,” Federico declared, “I wanted to make a poem of my childhood in Granada, in which creatures and environments that I have known and felt appear.”