They are poems written between 1931 and 1934, most of them in the Huerta de San Vicente (San Vicente Farmhouse), summer residence of the García Lorca family since 1926. The title, Divan del Tamarit, is a tribute to the neighboring Farmhouse belonging to the poet’s uncle, Francisco García Rodríguez, father of Clotilde García Picossi (one of Federico’s favorite cousins). Federico said that his uncle had one of the most beautiful houses there were: “Huerta del Tamarit (Tamarit Farmhouse), Término de Fargüi, Granada”.

The first issue of the Casida V. Del sueño al aire libre (Qasida V. Of the Open-Air Dream) is dated 1931. The same date seems to have been gven to the Gacela VI. De la raíz amarga (Gazelle VI. Of the Bitter Root) and (Qasida IX. The Dark Doves) (without those titles yet). The book is not outlined until the end of 1933, but 1934 was the decisive year. After his trip to Argentina he writes Gacela VIII. De la muerte oscura, Gacela X. De la huida (Gazelle VIII. Of the Dark Death, Gazelle X. Escape) and Casida VI. De la mano imposible (Qasida VI. Of the Impossible Hands). The rest of the poems must be from 1934.