The letters give an account of the new life, the new friends, the chance meeting with a neighbor from Fuente Vaqueros, the poems he is writing, the conferences he develops, the return of the expenses of the money that his parents have given him, the interest for his family, the concern for the oppositions of his admired brother Francisco (“tell Paco to write to me”), for his mother, to follow the family custom by going a few days to the Balneario de Lanjarón (Granada): “The fall of Lanjarón is beautiful. You take mom to Lanjarón whether she wants to or not. By force; and if she hasn’t gone or doesn’t go, it will be because I’m not there, I’m really insistent about things, but if she hasn’t gone, I’ll hold Conchita, Paco and Isabelita responsible if she gets colic, and I’ll be indignant all my life. Hugs, kisses, hugs. Federico).