García Puertas, Enrique (El Marranero) (The Pig Trader)

Mayor of Pinos Puente since the military uprising of 1936, member of the Popular Action party and brutal and bloodthirsty man. He was among the group of armed individuals who on August 9, 1936 arrived at Huerta de San Vicente farmhouse to ask for the brothers of the family’s landlord, Gabriel Perea Ruiz, accusing them of having killed some people in Asquerosa (Disgusting). In addition to Enrique García Puertas, nicknamed El Marranero (The Pig Trader) were the landowners Horacio and Miguel Roldán Quesada, militants of the CEDA and declared enemies of the family of Federico García Rodríguez. It seems that in Asquerosa (Disgusting) there were two deaths of two brothers-in-law of El Marranero.

As it was impossible to execute the former mayor during the Republic, Emilio Sanchez Cid, who was in an asylum, he ordered the murder of his father.

After being elected mayor, he organized a terrifying repression against trade unionists and left-wing sympathizers, following the orders of Horacio Roldán. According to researchers Miguel Caballero and Pilar Góngora, they targeted members of the Workers, Creation and Life society and Socialist Association of Asquerosa (Disgusting). They also targeted the guards who had tried to defend the Republican legality. Given the impossibility of executing the former mayor during the Republic, Emilio Sánchez Cid, who was in a mental hospital, he ordered the murder of his father.

Enrique García Puertas had been a guard of the San Pascual Sugar Factory, of which Federico García Rodríguez was a shareholder.



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