Barrios Tamayo, Antonio (El Polinario)

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Guitarist, singer, art collector, amateur painter and owner of the tavern El Polinario which, for several decades, was the meeting point of prestigious musicologists, composers and young creators who had swarmed the cultural taverns of Granada since the late nineteenth century. He was the father of Ángel Barrios, a composer and guitarist from Granada who achieved international fame and projection and who was a great friend of Federico García Lorca and the rest of the friends of the circle of El Rinconcillo. El Polinario was one of the cultural and flamenco references of the city. Manuel de Falla became a regular customer from the early 1920s, after arriving in Granada and before moving to the Antequeruela House.

Guitarist, ‘singer’ and painter, in his famous tavern were illustrious visitors friends of El Rinconcillo and Rusiñol, Sorolla and Zuloaga.

He was a guitar player and singer, as well as a lover of painting and an amateur painter. Santiago Rusiñol, Joaquín Sorolla e Ignacio Zuloaga were illustrious visitors to his tavern full of paintings, and they would talk about painting with him. In its gardens, in 1918, The Story of the Treasure was staged, a kind of photonovel in four scenes in which Lorca, Manuel Ángeles Ortiz and Miguel Pizarro took part. The Flamenco Song Contest of 1922 was also organized there.

Antonio Barrios, on the right, accompanied by two strangers at the entrance of the tavern El Polinario.
Antonio Barrios, on the right, accompanied by two strangers at the entrance of the tavern El Polinario/ Photo: Board of the Alhambra and the Generalife.

Before buying the Antequeruela House, Falla lived in the Carmona Residence, located next to the El Polinario tavern. Antonio Barrios was also a painter and used the boards of the cigar boxes to make his sketches. He exhibited his work in collective exhibitions.


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