The compilation of the interviews and statements Federico García Lorca gave in the last ten years of his life has been a slow work with different editions and attempts at completeness. The series was initiated by Marie Laffranque and continued by Jacques Comincioli, Christopher Maurer and Mario Hernández. The edition of the Complete Works by Miguel García-Posada (Círculo de Lectores, 1996-2006, III) brought together 79 interviews. Previously, literature professor Andrés Soria published a critical anthology (Thirty interviews, 1989) reissued in 2017 as Thirty-one interviews, which included an unpublished interview, originally in French, signed by Georges Lorant-Briennë in the magazine Comoedia on November 8, 1933.

Federico García Lorca before the microphones of Radio Unión, 1929. / Photo: FGL Foundation
Federico García Lorca in Radio Unión studios, 1929. / Photo: FGL Foundation

The most complete edition to date is Rafael Inglada and Víctor Fernández’s Lorca’s wordsComplete Statements and Interviews, published by Malpaso in 2017, which contains 130 entries and is preceded by a foreword by Christopher Maurer. The anthologists patiently dug into newspaper archives that has allowed them to almost double the works collected from the Complete Works, and have also expanded the concept of statement and interview, including a few anonymous loose lines, reflections by other authors with quotation marks attributed to Lorca, prologs – such as the one in Rafael Martínez Nadal for the first edition of The public– and memories compiled many years later and published both in Spanish and in other languages. In fact, the last part of the book represents a compilation of the “posthumous” statements and interviews published between 1937 and 1978.