In the fall of 1932, Pura Maortua de Ucelay, director of the Club Teatral de Cultura Anfistora (a cultural theater association to which Lorca belonged and which he baptized with this name), managed to rescue a copy of the play and staged a performance on April 5, 1933 at the Teatro Español. It was preceded by The shoemaker’s prodigious wife. Lorca directed the rehearsals and staging.

Performers: Don Perlimplín: Santiago Ontañón; Belisa: Pilar de Bascarán; Marcolfa: Mrs. Domínguez; Belisa’s mother: Pilar Gracia; the elves: two children from a family very close to Lorca, Augusto and Andrés Higueras. Music by Scarlatti (all the intermissions were linked by Scarlatti’s sonatinas and the dialogues were constantly cut by chords and musical backgrounds), performed on the piano by Pura Lago, scenography by Ontañón and costumes by Pura Ucelay.