After a partial preview in some newspapers and magazines of the time, it was finally published in early April 1918 in Granada, Imprenta y Litografía Paulino Ventura Traveset, with its cover by Ismael González de la Serna. The publication costs were paid by his father, Francisco García Rodríguez. The cover, by Ismael González de la Serna, shows a bucolic scene with a modernist touch.

The first compilation of the complete works (Guillermo de Torre’s edition in Losada, in 1938) only included parts of the book. The Aguilar edition also selects the texts, although the 18th edition, in 1973, already presents it in its entirety. The problem that arises for the editors is, on the one hand, that it is a text before Lorca’s time (according to García-Posada), a document that is only a preview of what would later become his work and that the author himself would not agree to offer. On the other hand, it raises the question of fidelity to the original text, since it presents numerous punctuation and grammatical errors. In addition, the text is also intended for oral communication, and this is noticeable in the music and in the pauses, sometimes marked with commas that are not grammatically correct, although they are correct from a rhythmic point of view. A facsimile edition was made in Granada, Don Quijote publishing house, in 1981.