Maestro Falla finds a curious instrument

Maestro Falla finds a curious instrument.

A few days ago, the illustrious Maestro Manuel de Falla was in Guadix, accompanied by several personalities from Granada.
The purpose of his trip was to examine a very valuable musical instrument found in the basement of that cathedral.
Maestro Falla had been commissioned by a German company to send notes to compose an article on Spanish harpsichordists.
The instrument found was a harpsichord, one of the first to be built.
It was abandoned in a cellar.
According to the documents found in the archive, the instrument cost 200 ducats and, considering it to be of great value, it was agreed that it would remain in the custody of the dean.
It has the following inscription: Franciscus Pérez Mirabel. Civitates hispalense. Year 1737.
Maestro Falla classifies it as a curious example of harpsichord or spinet[sic], unique in Spain.

(Anonymous. El Defensor de Granada newspaper, January 26, 1928).