The Oda al Santísimo Sacramento (Ode to the Blessed Sacrament) was started in early 1928 (letter from Lorca to Sebastià Gash in January 1928). Most of it was composed in the summer of that year, in the Huerta de San Vicente (San Vicente Farmhouse), at the height of the poet’s crisis after his relationship with Emilio Aladrén (letter from Lorca to Jorge Zalamea, summer 1928). A few months later he delivered the first two parts to the Revista de Occidente magazine, dedicating them to Falla. The musician came across the text in the magazine and wrote him a letter in which he thanked him for the dedication and expressed his differences with the author regarding the subject matter.

As the poem was incomplete, he hoped that the rest of it would change his impression. On September 17, he finished the Ode started at the beginning of the year, when he was already in New York. This Ode was read in Cuba by the critic Francisco Ichaso before a speech by Federico and some people reacted to it with indignation.