The poems, which are not in chronological order, are instead dated and, in many cases, located in a place: Fuente Vaqueros, the Vega de Zujaira, Granada and Madrid. Lorca was born, as we know, in Fuente Vaqueros, on June 5, 1898, on Trinidad Street. Later on his parents moved to Calle de la Iglesia. Between 1906 and 1907 they moved to Asquerosa (today Valderrubio), in the Vega de Zujaira. Throughout his youth, he spent winters in Granada (first in the house on Acera del Darro and then in an apartment on the Acera del Casino) and summers in the countryside. This valley is also where the Cortijo de Daimuz (Daimuz Farmhouse) is located. Federico’s father had bought dry land next to the river Cubillas and the last irrigation ditch of the valley and converted them, through an irrigation plan, into the farmhouse of Daimuz Bajo (later they sold it for a fortune and buy land in Valderrubio).