Marquises of Caicedo

Family of the aristocracy of Granada that gives its name to the palace at 46 San Jerónimo Street, where the General Technical Institute was located. It is now occupied by the Victoria Eugenia Royal Conservatory of Music. Previously, it was the Faculty of Pharmacy and was also home in the early twentieth century of the provincial Institute of Secondary Education, where Federico García Lorca attended some classes and where he sat some examinations.

It was the house of the Rueda family (whose heraldry is identified on the façade) and at the beginning of the 18th century it passed to Don Luis de Caicedo y Solís, first Marquis of Caicedo, when he married Melchora Rueda Leiva y Guevara. He was mayor or magistrate of Granada during 1712. His son Luis Beltrán de Caicedo y Rueda was the second Marquis of Caicedo. Up to eleven marquises of the same branch can be listed.


Victoria Eugenia Royal Conservatory of Music, located in San Jerónimo street in Granada, which was the headquarters of the General Technical Institute where Lorca studied.


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