A speech that has its origin in the talk on Granada that Lorca gave for the first time in April or May 1933 in Madrid, at the Residencia de Estudiantes, with songs interpreted by La Argentinita.

Federico García Lorca: The stars and the journey.
Federico García Lorca playing the piano. / Photo: FGL Foundation

It was read for the first time on October 26, 1933 in Buenos Aires, at the Sociedad de Amigos del Arte. It was later read in Montevideo on February 9, 1934 at the Teatro 18 de Julio. The text was interspersed with songs played on the piano and sung by Lorca himself. The reading in Buenos Aires was a success, as he himself told his parents in a letter: “People were fighting to get in the door and there was such a great demand for tickets that the next one will have to be in a theater”. On February 9, in Montevideo, he sells 1,340 tickets. He gives three speeches and the success is overwhelming, both in terms of audience and box office (60% was for the author). He will give the entire amount to his father to spend (6,887 pesetas, according to Gibson; Life, passion and death of Federico García Lorca (1898-1936), Debolsillo, 2016, p. 575).

He repeated this speech in Barcelona, on December 19, 1935, for L’Associació de Música de Cambra, at the Casal del Metge, before giving his first public reading of Divan del Tamarit.

It was first published in Mario Hernández, Francisco García Lorca, Federico and his world, Alianza Publishing House, 1981 (it was Francisco García Lorca who discovered the text).