They are poems written between 1924 and 1927. The book was published in 1928, in the Editions of the Occidente Magazine. The success was immediate. The book was quite well known before its publication due to the numerous readings Lorca had made of the romances. Copies sold out immediately. It was a small-format edition of 149 pages. The cover was by the author himself. The title was Gypsy Ballads (probably because it fit in better with the composition), although on the title page it appeared as First gysy ballads. The dates 1924-1927 appear on the cover and on the title page. In 1929, there will be a second edition, also in Occidente Magazine, slightly larger, with the same cover and typography. The third edition comes out in Buenos Aires, in the magazine Sur, in December 1933. The fourth is a print run from the third, one hundred deluxe copies. The third and fourth are revised by the author. The fifth is published by Espasa-Calpe in the spring of 1935. It reproduces that of Sur, with some punctuation corrections. In 1935, the sixth edition was also published by Espasa-Calpe, a reprint of the fifth. In 1936, the seventh and last in the life of the author will come out, as a reprint of the sixth.