Federico García Lorca talks about Spanish workers.

Antonio Otero Seco. (Interview published in L´Hora in Palma de Mallorca, on September 27, 1935).

“The artist as an observer of life cannot remain insensitive to the social question. No. I speak for myself and for many of my friends to whom the same thing has happened. Look, when I went to North America, excited by that new world, so modern, so coveted by all, I felt a sense of hopelessness, On the streets I saw a large number of men selling apples. There were many young people. Buy an apple from me, sir’, they implored sadly, They were unemployed workers, idle workers who went out into the street in search of alms (…). I was horrified when I was told that in the United States alone there were twelve million unemployed. You can see that just by observing the scope of the whole social drama at present, before which no one with slightest sense of human solidarity can be insensitive”.