Prados Such, Emilio

Emilio Prados Such

Poet and printer ascribed to the Generation of ’27, he was born in Málaga on March 4, 1899, and died in exile in Mexico City on April 24, 1962. From the age of fifteen he was linked to the Residencia de Estudiantes (Students’ Residence), first thanks to a children’s scholarship and then, in 1918, as […]

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Jiménez Fraud, Alberto

Alberto Jiménez Fraud

Spanish professor and pedagogue, secretary of the Committee for the Expansion of Studies and first director of the Residencia de Estudiantes (Students’ Residence). Federico García Lorca spent several seasons there between 1919 and 1925. He was born in 1883, in Málaga. There he completed his first studies, although he sat examinations at the University of […]

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Buñuel Portolés, Luis

Luis Buñuel

Spanish film director, companion and friend of Federico García Lorca during the early years of the Residencia de Estudiantes (Students’ Residence) in Madrid. Luis went to primary and secondary school in Zaragoza. At the age of 17 he went to Madrid and stayed at the Residencia from 1917 to 1924. In that period he was […]

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Bello, Pepín (José Bello Lasierra)

José Bello Lasierra. / Photo: Students’ Residence Archive.

Spanish intellectual, friend of Federico García Lorca and fellow member of the Residencia de Estudiantes (Students’ Residence) in Madrid. He was born in 1904, in Huesca (Aragon). He has been described by Enrique Vila-Matas as one of the great artists without work. As can be seen from the letters and descriptions of him by his […]

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Alberti Merello, Rafael

Rafael Alberti.

Spanish poet and playwright belonging to the Group or Generation of 27. Born in Puerto de Santa Maria (Cadiz) on December 16, 1902. His Italian grandparents and his grandmothers, one Irish and the other from Huelva, were grape harvesters, and according to the poet himself “great bourgeois, owners of vineyards and wineries, Catholics to the […]

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Martínez Nadal, Rafael

Rafael Martinez Nadal

Writer and journalist, close friend of Federico García Lorca. He maintained a copious correspondence with him and has provided numerous valuable testimonies about his life and work. He is considered the sole repository of the work The Public, which he unveiled in 1970. However, Isabel García Lorca doubts in her memoirs, My Memories, published in […]

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Guillén Álvarez, Jorge

Jorge Guillén Álvarez

Spanish poet and literary critic. He was part of the Generation of ’27 along with Federico García Lorca, Rafael Alberti, Pedro Salinas, Gerardo Diego, Concha Méndez, Manuel Altolaguirre, Emilio Prados, etc. With García Lorca he maintained a close friendship since the years of the Residencia de Estudiantes (Students’ Residence), which his correspondence shows. Although Jorge […]

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Dalí and Doménech, Salvador

Salvador Dalí

Spanish avant-garde painter, one of the leading representatives of surrealism. He had been a friend of Federico García Lorca’s since they met at the Residencia de Estudiantes (Students’ Residence). They maintained a close friendship and brought their aesthetic theories closer between 1925 and 1926, although from 1928 onwards they disagreed and their relationship dwindled to […]

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