The singers and their songs

Diego Bermúdez, El Tenazas (The Tongs)

Guitarra: Son of Salvador

Silverio’ Gypsy Seguiriyas (Odeón, 1923) Listen

Reed. There is no revenge in wanting (Odeón, 1923) Listen

Martinetes. They are taking me out of jail (Odeón, 1923) Listen

Serranas. He went down crying (Odeón, 1923) Listen


Manuel Torre

Guitar: Son of Salvador

Seguiriyas: Always in the corners (Odeón, 1922) Listen

Soleares: I said I would lie down (Odeón, 1922) Listen

Soleares: So only to the land (Odeón, 1922) Listen


Tomás Pavón

Guitar: The Boy Ricardo

Half granaina (1927) Listen


Antonio Chacón

Guitar: Ramon Montoya

Half granaina (1925) Listen


The Girl of the Combs

Guitarra: The Boy Ricardo and Manolo de Badajoz

Soleares: Up to the faith of baptism (Regal, 1928) Listen

Seguiriyas: You are not to blame (Regal, 1928) Listen

Gypsy Festival (Odeón, 1929) Listen