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The Untitled comedy

The Untitled Comedy
The Unittled Comedy is an unfinished, interrupted, premonitory play with regard to the events it relates. It is divided into three acts, of which we only have the first, a fragment that we use as a device.  No performer is a specific character, among the more than seventeen in the play. Our approach fragments the text, repeats scenes, and is tragicomic. It is a continuous dialogue with what is written and what is missing, which becomes a living word, eloquent, wrong, mysterious, necessary or superfluous. Our own. Contemporary. The second and third acts will be written on the blank page of the stage, in an elaborate and reflexive now, but, at the same time, they will be full of adventure, taking risks. They will be written in a way that they can later be erased and allow thought to maintain its commitment to the play.


Playwriting and staging: Sara Molina Doblas, from The Untitled Comedy, by Federico García Lorca // Cast: Ana Contreras, Mónica Francés, Cristina García Morales, Malick Gueye, Álvaro Holgado, Queen Idehen, Borja López, José Luis Lucas, Victoria Mariani, Seriye Mbaye, Santiago Ortiz Casanova, José Antonio Pérez Ferrer, Miguel Rojo, José Manuel Ruiz Martínez ]


Federico García Lorca Center
Plaza de la Romanilla s/n
GRANADA, 18001 España


5 March, 2020
7 March, 2020
9 PM
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