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Federico García Lorca: The constellation and the journey

Author and curator: Rrose Sélaby

Assembley: Alejandro Gorafe

The exhibition Federico García Lorca: the Constellation and the Journey revolves around a work considered rare or marginal within his production: the film script Journey to the Moon, written in 1929 during his stay in New York. The exhibition offers a free reworking of the text, taking it as if it were a poem. The aim is not to illustrate the work (although the artist often followed the text closely), but to propose a parallel and, in some respects, autonomous discourse, highlighting resonances and parallels. To achieve this, the work is composed of 34 separate pieces, each of them in the form of a playing card. Despite being displayed linearly, the work can and should be read, recomposed or interpreted with an open mind. The formal language of the work is collage and digital graphic design, always following a surrealist style, in keeping with the enormous visual richness of Federico’s most avant-garde texts.

The textual and visual content of the exhibition is considered suitable for an audience in the over-fourteen age range. Expressed in terms of academic life: students from Middle School (from the third year) and High School (up to the second year). And of course for the rest of the ages upwards.


Lorca Study Center
Paseo de la Reina, 1
Fuente Vaqueros, Granada
958 516 962


7 June, 2021
31 December, 2021
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Federico García Lorca Patronage
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