Romero Murube, Joaquín

Joaquín Romero Murube

He was an article writer, poet, Seville City Hall official, director (warden) of the Alcázar from 1934 to 1969 and a contemporary of the Generation of ’27. He was born in Los Palacios y Villafranca (Seville) on July 18, 1904, and died in the Andalusian capital in 1969. He met Federico García Lorca at the […]

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Aleixandre y Merlo, Vicente

Vicente Aleixandre

Poet belonging to the Generation of ’27, who was born in Seville in 1898 (“Seville was for me the lightning of my birth”, he writes in the sketch he dedicates to another illustrious fellow countryman, Luis Cernuda) and died in Madrid in December 1984. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1977 and, long […]

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Zambrano Alarcón, María

María Zambrano Alarcón

Philosopher, essayist and writer born in Vélez-Málaga on April 22, 1904, although she was registered in the Civil Registry three days later due to her father’s doubts that she could survive because of her weak health (“I was born half dead, to the point of reaching the edge of death, shrouded even”, she wrote from […]

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Villalón-Daoíz y Halcón, Fernando

Fernando Villalón was a peculiar and fascinating character, almost indefinable if you add up all the titles and hobbies he accumulated in his short life. He was a cattle rancher, as well as a writer and aristocrat (he was Count of Miraflores de los Ángeles), farm owner (among other estates he owned the Cortijo de […]

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Sánchez Mejías, Ignacio

Bullfighter and multifaceted man: president of Betis (football club), actor, polo player, writer, friend of the members of the Generation of ’27 and sponsor of the founding meeting of this literary group together with the cattle rancher Fernando Villalón. He was born in Seville on June 6, 1891, and died in Madrid on August 13, […]

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Salinas Serrano, Pedro

Pedro Salinas Serrano

Professor, poet, playwright, essayist and editor, he was born in Madrid on November 27, 1891, and died in exile in Boston (United States) on December 4, 1951. Like other members, known as “teacher poets”, of the Generation of ’27, he stood out for his brilliant academic career that developed inside and outside Spain. In 1914, […]

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Prados Such, Emilio

Emilio Prados Such

Poet and printer ascribed to the Generation of ’27, he was born in Málaga on March 4, 1899, and died in exile in Mexico City on April 24, 1962. From the age of fifteen he was linked to the Residencia de Estudiantes (Students’ Residence), first thanks to a children’s scholarship and then, in 1918, as […]

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Ontañón González, Santiago

Santiago Ontañón

Scenographer, illustrator, playwright, actor and film director, he was born in Santander in 1903. He belonged to the Generation of ’27 and was very active, mainly in the field of theater, with personalities such as Federico García Lorca (in success and failure), Margarita Xirgu, Pepín Bello, Rafael Alberti, María Teresa León, Concha Méndez, Pablo Neruda, […]

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Moreno Villa, José

José Moreno Villa

Poet, archivist, art historian, columnist and painter, he was born in Malaga on February 16, 1887 and died in exile in Mexico on April 25, 1955. He was linked to Federico García Lorca and other intellectuals of the Generation of ’27 through the Residencia de Estudiantes (Students’ Residence) and the Institución Libre de Enseñanza (Free […]

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Méndez Cuesta, Concha

Concah Méndez Cuesta

Poet, playwright and pioneer in the defense of women’s rights, she was born in Madrid on July 27, 1898 and died in exile in Mexico on December 7, 1986. She was part of the Generation of ‘27. A restless traveler, her adult life was a constant coming and going from one country to another until […]

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Mallo, Maruja (Ana María Gómez González)

Maruja Mallo

Surrealist painter belonging to the Generation of ’27, she was born in Viveiro, Lugo, in 1902, and died in Madrid in 1995. One of the freest and most eccentric spirits of the group of plastic artists of the Generation of ’27 who transformed the role of women. She was one of the founders of Las […]

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León Goyri, María Teresa

Poet, playwright, essayist, intellectual and activist of the Generation of ’27, she married Rafael Alberti in 1932. She Was born in Logroño on October 31, 1903 and died in Majadahonda (Madrid) on December 13, 1988 from Alzheimer’s, a disease of family inheritance and against which she struggles to finish her memoirs. The first symptoms appear […]

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Diego Cendoya, Gerardo

Gerardo Diego

Writer of the Generation of ’27, friend and fellow writer of Federico García Lorca. He was born in Santander on October 3, 1896. He studied Philosophy and Arts in Deusto and obtained his doctorate degree in Madrid. After obtaining a position as a professor of Language and Literature in 1920, he taught in high schools […]

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Chabás Martí, Juan

Juan Chabás

Journalist, poet, storyteller and essayist of the Generation of ’27, friend and fellow writer of Federico García Lorca. He was born in Denia in 1900. He went to high school at the Alliance Française and studied Philosophy and Letters and Law in Madrid. He attended the classes of Emilia Pardo-Bazán, Manuel García Morente, Ortega y […]

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Chacel Arimón, Rosa Clotilde

Rosa Chacel

Spanish writer of the Generation of ’27, grandniece of the writer José Zorrilla and contemporary of Federico García Lorca. She was born in Valladolid on June 3, 1898. Her family educated her in a cultured and free-thinking environment without her attending school for health reasons. She was taught by her mother, who was a teacher, […]

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Cernuda Bidón o Bidou, Luis

Luis Cernuda

Spanish writer of the Generation of ’27, born in Seville in 1902, to a military father. He began to read and write poetry at a very young age. He studied law in Seville in 1919 and was taught by Pedro Salinas, who was his true initiator in the reading of Spanish and French classics. In […]

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Bergamín Gutiérrez, José

José Bergamín. Photo: Royal Academy of History

Spanish writer, friend, editor and generation mate of Federico García Lorca. He wrote poetry, plays and essays. He was born in Madrid in 1895. He was the son of a minister of the Restoration, Francisco Bergamín García, and Rosario Gutiérrez, a very Catholic woman from whom he inherited his religious sentiment. He was the youngest […]

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Altolaguirre Bolín, Manuel

Manuel Altolaguirre

Spanish writer, editor, screenwriter and film director, born in Malaga in 1905, he was a friend and classmate of Federico García Lorca. He came from a well-to-do family in Malaga. His father was a judge and writer. Manuel Altolaguirre went to high school at the Jesuit college in Malaga and studied law in Granada, where […]

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Alonso y Fernández de las Redondas, Dámaso

Dámaso Alonso

Spanish writer and philologist belonging to the Generation of ’27. He was born in Madrid in 1898, where he spent most of his life and where he died in 1990. His father was from Ribadeo and his mother from Los Oscos (Asturias). He spent his early years in Asturias, but he went to high school […]

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Alberti Merello, Rafael

Rafael Alberti.

Spanish poet and playwright belonging to the Group or Generation of 27. Born in Puerto de Santa Maria (Cadiz) on December 16, 1902. His Italian grandparents and his grandmothers, one Irish and the other from Huelva, were grape harvesters, and according to the poet himself “great bourgeois, owners of vineyards and wineries, Catholics to the […]

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López Júlvez, Encarnación (La Argentinita)

Encarnación López Júlvez, La Argentinita

Dancer, choreographer, Spanish and flamenco dancer and singer. Friend and collaborator of Federico García Lorca, she recorded with him five gramophone records in 1931, Collection of Popular Spanish Songs, accompanied on the piano by Federico himself. Her parents, Spanish immigrants, interrupted their stay in Argentina in 1901, when she was only three years old, because […]

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Guillén Álvarez, Jorge

Jorge Guillén Álvarez

Spanish poet and literary critic. He was part of the Generation of ’27 along with Federico García Lorca, Rafael Alberti, Pedro Salinas, Gerardo Diego, Concha Méndez, Manuel Altolaguirre, Emilio Prados, etc. With García Lorca he maintained a close friendship since the years of the Residencia de Estudiantes (Students’ Residence), which his correspondence shows. Although Jorge […]

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